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Thursday, April 26, 2018


So, my husband has been seeing a "life coach" (for lack of a better way to describe her talent) for 20 years. He adores her and has been trying to connect us for years. If you know me, you know about this weird thing that I do, that is when someone I love insists on me doing something, I resist. Even when I know it's in my best interest.  If I do end up doing whatever it is they want me to do, I have to do it on my own terms. In other words, I wait until I'm good and ready
and then begrudgingly do it.

Well, I was finally ready to see Barbara, the life coach.  Who really is more of a happiness wrangler than a life coach (ooh, happiness wrangler, that's good), and she asked all of us in the group to think about what we REALLY what we want in this life. This question has haunted me my entire life guys. I feel as though, for most people, the answer is and has always been clear. Not for me.  In my teens, I would just say "I don't know!" with the joyful ignorance of a girl who had the world in her hands.  In my 20's, when I had a damn near anxiety attack every time the question was asked, I came up with an answer that worked for me, and usually shut up whoever was asking.

Everyone ever: "What do you want in life"?
Me: "Happiness"

And for years, it worked. Until now.

I've been blogging for 10 years, when I'm not blogging, I'm painting, when I'm not painting, I'm sketching, when I'm not sketching, I'm taking photographs, when I'm get it, I digress.

Here in L.A. I have fine tuned my gift of networking by going solo to a few blogger events.  I'm pretty good at getting to know what everyone else is all about, but there is zero confidence behind my story when the tables are turned. Then this morning, as I was getting ready for work, I listened to an interview with two of my favorite bloggers. They both have seen success with all aspects of their businesses and the number one piece of advice from them was to "stay true to yourself." And just like that, I finally realized what I want from my life. EVERYTHING. I want to inspire people to do whatever their heart desires, at ANY AGE.

At almost 49, I am inspiring both young and mature people to do what they want. I've always loved fashion and art and wanted to do anything that marries the two together. I just didn't think I could. I want you to know that I am out on the corner with my tri-pod on my 15 minute breaks taking (what I think are) pretty cool pics and meeting all types of people who are inspired by them in some way or the other.


Repeatedly wear the same items in my closet, styled differently.

Don't own a double G gucci belt.

Share with my followers when I am uninspired, bloated, and or worried that I am going to embarrass my son with each post I make.

I say all of this to say this. We literally only get one shot. Yes y'all, this is where I'm at today, quoting Eminem. Do you not miss your chance to blow,  this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

Here's the catch, I can't guarantee your going to make any money following your heart. That part I haven't mastered yet.  But hey,  I'm the best dang 48 year old model/artist/haiku poet on my block.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


I still pack my 13 year old sons lunch. Am I a good mom or a bad mom? 
Today it was 2 oranges, 2 rice krispy squares, nacho chips and grapes. Good mom or bad mom? 

I don't know what high school and or college he will go to. Good mom or bad mom? He feels comfortable talking to me about anything. Good  mom or bad mom?  

 He didn't go to see a dentist for 5 years. Good mom or bad mom? When he went, the dentist said he had a great set of teeth with no cavities. Good mom or bad mom?

 I call him "khloe" to get him to cut his nails when they get too long. Good or bad mom? He has a sarcastic (but hilarious) sense of humor. Good mom or bad mom?

I can't list the projects he's working on for school right now. Good or bad mom? I can list the projects he's working on with his friends out of school: painting, acting and organizing a summer camp for kids. Good mom or bad mom?

 I felt compelled to share a few of these tidbits with you all, just to see if i'm alone in thinking: as a parent, I don't know what I'm doing 50% of the time. I am just doing my best. I love him with all of my heart, I encourage him to spend time doing things he loves, including video games. I support him in his interests and celebrate his victories. I take care of him and try to find a balance between raising a self sufficient young man and a caring individual. Isn't that we are all trying to do as parents? It is so hard to not compare his path to the paths of others, but the truth is, I think we all do it. The parents of the child who is enrolled in 3 different team sports, singing in the church choir, and running for class president are looking at the parents of the child who is super respectful, responsible and socially intellectual wondering if they are not providing the right opportunities.  Right? At least I hope so. 

I'm so grateful for the handful of moms that I have in my life that do not judge me. It's kind of a pact that we've formed without actually verbally hammering out the details. Shout out to my mom and my sisters who have endured parenting multiple children, a task I seriously don't think I was cut out for.

The next thing I need to work on is how I react to other parents talking about their kids with pride. In my head I'm waiting for my opening and preparing my amazing list of things that Max is doing with his life as well. I always end up doing one of two things, changing the subject or spewing out his credentials like I'm filling out his first dating app profile.

Random parent after sharing all the things that their child has been up to: "So how's Max doing?"

Me: "Did you watch Blackish last week?"


Me: "He's doing great! He just uploaded another video to his youtube channel,  he's going to Starbucks by himself now, he's been to all the museums in the LA area, he likes to hike and he's such a caring person! I'm so proud of him, did I mention he knows how to order his own Starbuck drink? I mean, there's no ice and extra strawberries soooo...."

I can't change who I am, but I can change how I manage things. Remember when you brought your baby home from the hospital and worried about dropping him/her? Well, 13 years into it, I still worry about dropping Max, does that make sense? 

Also, when he was a toddler, I cut the feet off his onesies so that he got more wear out of them.

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