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Sunday, October 28, 2018


People are dying, Trump is President, and the storms are getting bigger and bigger. It's no wonder I question my role on this planet often. Why am I here? What am I doing to help? The truth is, our personal choices are just that, personal. Some of us march and get loud and that is SO necessary and vital in our world right now.  Some of us don't, and that's ok too. 

When you report for duty everyday, whether you're  teaching young minds, taking care of your family,  or delivering packages, YOU are part of the equation that keeps us all going. We need each other guys. For me, sharing my tips and little slices of life with you and the dialog that happens because of it, gives me comfort and hopefully provides a nice escape from a somewhat unpredictable state of affairs. When we share, we become vulnerable, and in that vulnerability, we are comforted.  I think that's one of the reasons social media is important to so many. 

I also believe that watching The Rock scale a burning building to save his family is just as important as watching the 6 o'clock news. It's actually more important to me right now because I know The Rock is going to come out alive with one kid on his back and holding his wife's hand.  On the other hand, the news just has too many wild cards.

I hope the message I'm sending with this is clear, I am not advocating complacency. I simply feel overwhelmed at times and believe some of you do too. I spoke with my dad this morning and he said something that just clicked. It is important for us to be kind to one another, show compassion and lift each other up. So whether you're on your way to your next rally or doing a Target run, please remember smile at a stranger and know that you've done your tiny part. 

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Saturday, October 13, 2018


Yes, the almost decade long obsession with over the knee boots continues...actually, It's been way longer than a decade. I remember going to New York to visit my sister who was going to college out there in 1988 (ish) and purchasing 4 things:

 An Al B. Sure mix tape, that I bought on the street in Harlem. My sister and I fought over the purchase, she told me it would be a waste of money. I won the fight and spent $4.99 on a perfectly good quality tape cassette. There was no music on it, but it is was great quality.

A personalized spray painted t-shirt with my name and some random Spike Lee quote (wish I still had it).

Bubble gum pink satin Nike high tops with black laces and a black swoosh. (insert eyeroll emoji)

And finally, the most beautiful mustard suede over the knee boots with black flames going up the sides. Yes, black flames. It's no wonder my mom accidentally put them into the donate pile. She also "accidentally" donated my completely shredded levis with two particularly suspect holes in the back. Aw mom, I'm sorry.

So it's really been more like a 30 year obsession. You should take my advice very seriously, I basically have my Masters Degree in over the knee boots. Here are my top 5 under $100.

Women's Nikka Heeled Over the Knee Sock Boots - A New Day™ $44.99 Target

Kendall & Kylie
Emette Lug Over the Knee Boots $99.97 Nordstrom Rack



OTK Block Heel Boot Sole Society $90.97
Anything highlighted is a link to the product, happy shopping!

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