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Friday, January 12, 2018


DO YOU REMEMBER? Do you remember a time when your top priority was playtime? Do remember what you wore when you were lost in your imagination? Well, tomorrow when you're deciding what to put on after work, I want you to channel that little boy or girl. My favorite go to outfit from my childhood is simple. A dress, and some jeans. The only rule is that the dress has to fall away from your lower body otherwise you look like you got dressed in the dark. 

*GUILTFREE TIP* If you cut a pair of flared jeans 1/2 way between your knee and ankle, you will get a cropped look with a slight flare pictured here.


Navy blue dress

Steve Madden ankle strap sandals
$60 -

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Monday, January 8, 2018


If you follow me on instagram, you will see that I have discovered the art of Hygge. Honestly, in my heart, I feel as though I have been living this lifestyle for the past 2 years. When the political climate changed, I felt this need of urgency to make our home even more comfortable than it already was. I wanted us all to eat foods that made us feel good, and I wanted to stop forcing my son to wear denim instead of his MUCH preferred sweats.

 The Danish art of Hygge (hoo-gah)-"a simple moment that feels so special, cosy, relaxing, loving or happy that you just need to call it out. It’s not about being fancy, or styled, or being in the best circumstances, or having the right things. It’s literally about being present enough to see how great a moment is, and give that moment a name." (Taken from  click for more info.)

When I told my son I was blogging about this topic, he was eager to take some shots of chilling right then and there. As he grabbed his camera and focused in on a group shot, I literally said "NOPE. Have we met? I at least have to put a bra on!" I was so close to doing a full blown photo shoot showing how we spend our quality down time, BUT, after some research and not a whole lot of thought, that seemed ridiculous. My son Max had indeed had the right idea. The whole concept is that it is NOT stylized, but appreciated and enjoyed. 

So, here are a few memories of some pretty hygge moments we've shared with our valued community of friends and co-workers. With a couple of equally important solo moments too.


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