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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Here's the deal, this dinner in a box is incredible. You literally add chicken and in 20 minutes you're transported to the best restaurant in town with a nice bottle of wine with (or without) your favorite dinner partner 'hmmmm'ing and 'ooooohhhh'ing over the amazing meal.There's a  restaurant out here called The Good Earth known for it's healthy entrĂ©es. Well, I'll be honest, I dined there once, for breakfast, upon arrival to Los Angeles and was underwhelmed. My son gave it a glowing review for the gigantic aquarium that housed a few good fish. 

But when I tried the DIY at home entrĂ©es,   I was hooked. This stuff delivers flavor unmatched by any other pre-packaged meals out there. I'm not proud that I've had enough off the others to compare, but this is the real deal. In the package you'll find 100% Whole Grain Angel Hair Pasta, Creamy Sauce with Olive Oil, Mediterranean Seasoning with Tomatoes, and seasoned Whole Wheat Flour. The best part is it truly is finished in 20 MINS!!!

I've also tried the Herb Crusted Chicken with Mushroom Risotto, either is a guaranteed deal maker in the romantic evening arena.   Go to the website and print a $1 coupon now.  Pin It

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Gay, straight, male, female, or extraterrestrial. There's no denying the 
GQ Style Manual is a beautiful piece of work.
I had to look at it first for the collection of fantastic past editorial pictures.
Second, for the
beauty captured of the men in the photos.
And lastly, for the articles and advice from an array of stylish men. This 2010 edition is one to keep on file.
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Friday, October 8, 2010



Amongst a growing circle of talented women in my new life here in California is a lovely lady named Rachael.  This woman is a power house, I admire her not only for her never ending supply of fresh and innovative ideas but for her drive. She sees her ideas through until the end no matter how big or small, and so far the important ones usually are inspired by her beautiful kids. 
 I had been packing my sons lunches in an array of containers and ziploc bags, and every day he'd return having hardly eaten anything, and often with apple sauce lining the bottom of his backpack. Rachael suggested the bento box from Pottery Barn Kids would help make lunch appetizing and alleviate the guilt associated with all that plastic. An awesome idea, but sold out and on back-order. So with very little online research I found Laptop Lunches.  

made with recycled content

The system is an investment at $39.99 with carrying case or $24.99 without. It's worth it for the wasteless lunch aspect alone. 
 The Pottery Barn version comes in at $14, free shipping, grab one if you can. Spencer Bento Box Containers Not only is it more fun to put lunch together, he's eating it all up! The Laptop Lunches website is a fantastic resource for lunch meal ideas as well. Pin It


I haven't featured a "guilt-free" item for kids in a long while. My son just celebrated his 6th birthday and came out a winner with a wealth of amazing gifts both tangible and intangible.
 Rated at the top for the rare combination of fun AND thinking is his new game "Rush Hour Traffic Jam" from THINKFUN.

Your child can play solo or with friends setting up the game board according to pictures of traffic jams displayed on different challenge cards, then slide blocking cars and trucks out of the way to create a path of escape through the congestion. 
Check out the website to try out an online version first!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wasteland is a definite must stop and shop destination in Studio City. If you have never been a "2nd hand Rose" type, but have been curious to see why anyone would want to purchase clothes that belonged to someone else.
This is the place to start. 
Everytime I wander in there, I have to hold back. However, on my last visit I had to make that purchase.

This lovely sundress from Sienna Miller's Twenty8Twelve line originally retailed at $260. I picked it up for the "guilt free" amount of $35. 
Just think of it as PRE-LOVED.

do it. love it. 
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Whisky Rocks

Since I've settled in here in Los Angeles, I've tapped into an "original gift" jackpot store named "Paper Source".
Here you will get lost in a sea of catchy phrased sticky notes, cleverly packaged D.I.Y. kits, and a collection of glitter that would make Liberace blush. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, I've decided to share some of my personal favorites. Starting with the perfect gift for your (insert appropriate person who's hard to buy for, but loves whisky, here).

For $19.95 you can get this lovely box of  soap stones for chilling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor. Milled in Perkinsville, VT by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US. 

Do it. Love it. Cheers.
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