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Saturday, July 29, 2017


This DIY is fun and you probably need anywhere from a beginner to an intermediate level of artistic skill to customize and update an old jacket you have in your wardrobe.  Head to your local art supply or craft store and pick out your acrylic paint colors, a fine tip brush, chalk and templates (if you are OCD)  Click on the video for your short tutorial.    HAVE FUN, GUILT FREE.                                                  

You can choose a simple font

or a more intricate font

It's up to, just stay in your lane girl or you may end up with a wearable version of your 2nd grade Mother's Day gift

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Saturday, July 22, 2017


If you know me, you know I love shoes, specifically heels. The reality is, they aren't always the best idea or practical choice. Do yourself a favor and invest in some solid ankle boots. It's just the right amount of heel to make your legs look amazing with the added bonus of comfort.

You can style them with just about anything. I will throw them on with jeans mostly, but here is a boho alternative look.

AND a year from now, when you are growing tired of your ankle booties...update them with a DIY for look number two. Click through for the easy DIY.

Then style them with a long floral number from Target.

                                                     DV Nya Booties from Target $17.48

Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress from Target $29.99

Tribal Print Ruffle Sleeve A Line Dress for $27

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


This summer is already and will continue to be lit.  Some of us, however, can't quite keep up with the onslaught of summer lituations. That is why I have decided that Gladiators sandals are the answer for both the young and orthopedically challenged.

These two looks differ in subtle changes of jewelry and heels. A "hi/low" of sorts.

 DRESS $15 FOREVER 21 find a similar one here. Gladiator sandals William B.  Qupid $12 find a similar pair here. EASY DIY POM POM EARRINGS find the tutorial here.


 GLADIATOR HEELS MIA find a similar pair here. SUNGLASSES QUAY  "CAFE RACER" find them here. DIY DENIM CHOKER find the tutorial here.


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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

20/20 VISION

Creating a vision board is no new thing, but maybe your vision has changed? A big part of what holds us back from living the lives we REALLY want to lead is not being able to see it. Who cares if no one else does, you'll be the one laughing on the yacht on the French Riviera with Jay and Bey and Blue and the twins...

Whatever your vision is, put it in front of you where you will see it everyday. Mine is quite simple, I want to live and breathe fashion. I want to eventually provide clothes for all women, particularly mature women who love fashion and still want to wear whatever they love. Not just what they're told they should wear once they hit a certain age.

I also want a really nice self cleaning bathroom with black walls and lots of natural light.

Here are a few links to some of the bloggers and women I love and who inspire me.
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