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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


If the Alexander Wang "Mackenzie" High Heel Boot fell in love with the Alexander Wang "Jocelyn" Cut Out bootie and decided to adopt a less fortunate baby bootie into their high end stylistic life of love and photoshoots and jetsetting. 
They would name it 

They would bring it up together in the lavish lifestyle that they are accustomed to and no one would ever know that it was only $39.80. Unlike it's chic lesbian parents who ring in at $600 & $700.

Guess which is which:)


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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Miss Erin is the face behind the rapidly growing company YELLOW HOUSE HANDMADE. 
She is also set to play "Unique Spice" in the upcoming broadway production of "Spice Girls 2014". Ok, there's no broadway production (or "Unique Spice"), BUT her sense of style is like no other. 

When she is not filling requests for her one of a kind greeting cards, necklaces, or wall art. She is scouring the city for *guilt free* fashion finds. Erin is ANTHROPOLOGIE bound every time they have a sale, and always leaves with an amazing addition to her wardrobe. 

This romper and ring came to about $20. Yep. Love me some Erin. 

Look for her upcoming coffee table book "I Hate Twitter Too". Ok, there's no book, but she's having Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends in a real TeePee. Really. A super-chic giant TeePee in an undisclosed location. 
Told you, she's unique.  

do it. love it.


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Monday, October 14, 2013


Meet Kelsi.
 Even on laundry day she shows up fully fashionized and ready for the day.
This girl, nay, WOMAN-  is an amazing actress,
 makes beautiful handmade journals, and when I need confirmation that
 reality TV IS full of important current events, she is all in.

She is the look of the week and she is all about *guilt free style*.

Kelsi #lotw

The boots are a must have for fall and
 are all yours for $30 at your local Target!
 Everything else is similar, 
but not exact to Kelsi's outfit.


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Monday, October 7, 2013


My son just turned 9!

I'm so excited and proud of him and the young man he is. 2 weeks ago when he said "I can't wait for my birthday party!!!" I realized I had made 0 preparation to celebrate this year. When I checked all of our offshore accounts and big time investments I calculated a healthy budget of between $50-$70.
Enter Pinterest. Search "boys birthday party ideas". Obsess for 3 days straight. Decide on Pizza making theme. Obsess for 3 more days. Hand write some pizza party invitations with red and green felt pens. What day is it? Oh man, now I only have a week! Re-enter Pinterest. Search "DIY...everything"

I made Chefs hats out of tissue and paper from Paper Source.

I uploaded some cool new fonts from and made a birthday sign by printing oversized letters and then cutting and pasting (literally) on piece of cardstock. I used Maxwell's felt pens and freehanded a design similar to one I saw and loved on Pinterest. I backed it with left over black wrapping paper and placed it in my go to gold frame that I saved 2 years ago from the alley.

I purchased a roll of paper bag gift wrap and a roll of white gift wrap. One to cover the tables and the other to make random signs and to use for pictionary and a makeshift awning.

The treat bags were next. I used the same fonts and printed on lunch bags one at a time. The bags had some dollar store candy and fruit roll ups. I sealed them with red and white checked fabric tape from Paper Source to stick with the theme.

On to the awning! Measure the length you need to cover the chosen area then lay out the white roll wrap. With a sponge and some acrylic red paint, free hand some stripes. When it's dry, cut the edge to look like it's scalloped. This is where I leave you to figure out how to hang it. I'm sorry, I fought my fight, it's time to fight yours. It looked awesome from the front! From behind, it looked like death by packing tape.


Next challenge: rolling pins. Easy right? Wrong. I spent an entire day searching for rolling pins. The few that I found, were either 20$ wooden ones or $40 marble ones.  So we went to ACE Hardware and they cut down a couple of $6 dowels for a $3 charge. I sanded each 'pin' ,wrapped some of the checkered fabric tape around the edges et voila! Professional grade rolling pins for about a buck a piece!

A rice krispy cake is tradition in our house now. I decorated it with Fruit by the foot, a few skittles and a mini banner.

I found some easy Pictionary words for kids on line, printed them and threw them in a box. Everyone won a prize. Best pizza toss, best pictionary drawing, most creative pizza, etc. All the prizes were from the dollar store. I stayed on budget, including a sweet little gift for all the neighbors in our building who had to bear the noise of two kids birthday parties back to back in one afternoon. I purchased single serving bottles of red and white wine (cvs had them on sale 4 for $5) and attached a note saying "Pardon the noisy celebration blah blah blah". It was cute and no one complained:)

*guilt free style*

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


My brother provides endless excuses for me to up my DIY game. This time it was a very intimate vow renewal ceremony in a casual outdoor setting. I made silver garland using fishing wire and silver labels from Paper Source. It is such a simple DIY that I won't insult you by posting how to pics! Just choose whatever color you like and start sticking the labels (sandwich like in pairs) on the fishing wire. I found having about 1.5" distance between circles was nice. I added a few paper lanterns and it was a hit!

Now comes the fun part

Paper Source sells Kraft Letters that are fun for kids rooms or party tables, I love them. This time I wanted a backdrop for outdoor photos, so I decided to make a giant D and 2 to represent the men of the hour. We affectionately have called them Dsquared for years now and it was a nice shout out to their successful life and marriage together.

Tools needed: 
Large cardboard sheets or boxes
xacto knife
packing tape or glue gun

1. Draw your number or letter on your large piece of cardboard 
2. Cut your letter and use it as a template to draw the mirror image
3. Decide on your thickness for depth ( I chose 4 inches)
4. Now you will cut long strips of 4" wide cardboard. When you think you have enough, cut 5 more.
5. The strips will bridge your two letters together 
6. Bend your 1st strip to the shape of one letter and start using your adhesive to stick the two together. I tried to show how I did it below with some pics, I hope this helps!
7. As each strip runs out, just pick up another and continue. There will be some gaps and imperfections, but you can easily cover those up with paper and mod podge in the end.
8. After you have taped your strips completely around the perimeter of your letter, you can set the second letter on top and start to secure it in the same fashion.

I used paper, washi tape, circle labels, and glitter tape to cover mine. It wasn't at all close to perfect, but the happy couple loved and appreciated the gesture more than I could have imagined!

As a bonus, for the celebration, I asked the couple separately to list a few words to describe the other. I printed the words out on cardstock, then attached them to helium filled balloons and scattered them throughout the inside of the house! Fun, easy, and most importantly *guilt free style*.

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