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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Miss Erin is the face behind the rapidly growing company YELLOW HOUSE HANDMADE. 
She is also set to play "Unique Spice" in the upcoming broadway production of "Spice Girls 2014". Ok, there's no broadway production (or "Unique Spice"), BUT her sense of style is like no other. 

When she is not filling requests for her one of a kind greeting cards, necklaces, or wall art. She is scouring the city for *guilt free* fashion finds. Erin is ANTHROPOLOGIE bound every time they have a sale, and always leaves with an amazing addition to her wardrobe. 

This romper and ring came to about $20. Yep. Love me some Erin. 

Look for her upcoming coffee table book "I Hate Twitter Too". Ok, there's no book, but she's having Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends in a real TeePee. Really. A super-chic giant TeePee in an undisclosed location. 
Told you, she's unique.  

do it. love it.


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