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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


NOTHING SAYS L.A. MORE THAN sunnies, bandanas, and cacti.
I am so excited to finally get my hands on a "Symbols of LA" Bandana from
  Yeah Right Press. The details are amazing and this local artisan pre-washes all her bandanas so they are super soft and wearable.

I also L O V E these aviators from QUAY, I got them on sale but they are still available for $55 on the  online shop.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017


NEVER BUY FLOWERS ON VALENTINES DAY!! The markup is straight robbery. Wait a couple of days and enjoy beautiful flowers at half the price.

Then when you pick the perfect bunch, take them home and DIY your arrangement. I'm currently obsessed with the luxurious look of boxed flowers. 

The first step is to gather all the tools you need for your floral box. I used scissors, a 7.5"square box, scrap paper for the mess, cellophane to line the box and floral foam bricks.

I trimmed all the roses to the same length and set aside. I then prepared my box by cutting and laying the cellophane in the bottom and up around the edges to protect it from the water. The next step is to cut your foam to size and place in the box over the cellophane. Then start placing your flowers snuggled side by side!

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Sunday, February 5, 2017



So, we have this LACK coffee table in our living space that has acted as a dining table, an easel, a play table, a party table...need I say more?
 It's from IKEA, I believe it was an original investment of $30. You can still buy it here

What's pictured above is an oil cloth, which I will hold onto. Oil cloth is another great makeover, over a fun addition to a kids table. Add chalk and let them go nuts, it will wipe off easily!

I needed something lighter to add to our space, and marble is everywhere, so I began the research and came up with whats pictured below.

This product delivered. It did exactly what it was supposed to do AND it was fairly easy!! You can get the same one I used here.  I ordered the double roll and went to work. Measure first to determine how much you will need! 

It's pretty simple, just peel back a little of the backing and place the sticky part down on whatever surface you plan on covering. Then slowly begin to pull the backing away as you stick the vinyl down section by section smoothing any air bubbles as you go. It is somewhat reposition-able so I was able to gently lift and reposition where necessary. 

The materials necessary are: Scissors and or an X-acto knife, your vinyl of choice, a straight edge for smoothing out any bubbles, and PATIENCE. Our coffee table took about 1.5 rolls. I seamed it down the middle and with a few accessories on top, you can't tell that much.

The whole point is that it was a #guiltfreestyle upgrade to the living space for about $30.


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Friday, February 3, 2017


I'm at home on a rainy day off and decided to #flashbackfriday a blog post. This summer we celebrated my niece Brooke's birthday in Florida. 

The theme was 

The idea to lay the finger foods on palm fronds came from my friend Michelle who shared this traditional  Filipino dining experience with me! 
I packed a few lightweight essentials like this celebrate banner, napkins, and place cards. 

My good friend Mel jumped at the chance to make these fruit pizza's, she did an amazing job, 
so yummy. 
Learn how to make one here!
CHALK is easy to pack and everyone was able to share well wishes for the birthday girl right on the table runner (black wrapping paper).
You can get a similar "celebrate" banner here!

I packed some chalk and some chartreuse tissue paper to make faux lettuce for table top decor. Learn how to make them here!
You can purchase the chartreuse tissue paper here!

I enlisted my mother to make us all crowns out of palm leaves, she is so awesome. Learn how to make one here!

My sister managed to find some cool accessories to set up a martini bar for the grown ups.
We added Palm fronds and leaves everywhere for accents.

These cute Meri Meri place cards from Paper Source not only had our names on the front, but on the back they had interesting trivia about each party goer. The person whose name was on the card had to ask  others "who in this room..."
Whether it was "...has flown a plane" or "...has been to Dubai" it  lead way to laughter and great conversation!

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