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Sunday, February 19, 2017


NEVER BUY FLOWERS ON VALENTINES DAY!! The markup is straight robbery. Wait a couple of days and enjoy beautiful flowers at half the price.

Then when you pick the perfect bunch, take them home and DIY your arrangement. I'm currently obsessed with the luxurious look of boxed flowers. 

The first step is to gather all the tools you need for your floral box. I used scissors, a 7.5"square box, scrap paper for the mess, cellophane to line the box and floral foam bricks.

I trimmed all the roses to the same length and set aside. I then prepared my box by cutting and laying the cellophane in the bottom and up around the edges to protect it from the water. The next step is to cut your foam to size and place in the box over the cellophane. Then start placing your flowers snuggled side by side!

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