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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone survived last night and awoke today with the fresh feeling of renewal, and for some, water and ibuprofen. We celebrated "guilt free style" with friends and family and incredibly large coned party hats. Please find the instructions for them below.     

I started with a selection of imported papers from Germany and Nepal (via Paper Source) in the same color family. My inspiration was the robot paper for my son!

Some were made with kraft cones and others were upcycled from the inner tube of holiday gift wrap. 

 For the topper of the hat, I used two cuts about 4 inches in length of  paper ribbon, folded them 
 ...and taped them to the tip by wrapping the tape around the base of the ribbon with the cut ends up

 I ran double sided tape from top to bottom

 lined the paper in the direction you want it to go and start rolling. (You could also upcycle party hats from the dollar store (a pack of 8 for $1) take one apart and use it for your template.) 
 Once you have enough paper to cover the hat (and then some) start cutting at the angle of the hat. 
 You can now run another piece of double sided tape from top to bottom on the paper and cut off the excess. Leave some at the bottom to tuck and fold under to create a clean finish at the rim.

 Separate the topper into 1/4 inch strips and (using a flat edge of a bone folder or in my case a plastic spoon) curl the pieces in different directions.

Finally, you are ready for the elastic to hold the hat in place, I bought a pack of eight hair bands from the Dollar Tree for $1. I cut and stapled them into place. Two of them did come loose, so I would recommend  securing them tightly.  

I also was inspired by a client to give away "Memory Jars" So, my son and I got busy cleaning and painting Mason Jars for everyone to take home. We spray painted the lids gold, and painted the trim peacock blue. 

While the paint dried, we cleaned the Mason Jars (upcycled pasta containers)

Then got busy with the gift tags. What you see laying on top is a pencil covered in fine paper. It was so pretty, but useless, as I could not sharpen them. FAIL!

 You can use scraps left from the party hats to embellish the hang tags. Then the hang tag can start off as (hopefully) a fun memory for your jar!

I love my boys for wearing these monster sized cones.

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