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Sunday, September 15, 2013


My brother provides endless excuses for me to up my DIY game. This time it was a very intimate vow renewal ceremony in a casual outdoor setting. I made silver garland using fishing wire and silver labels from Paper Source. It is such a simple DIY that I won't insult you by posting how to pics! Just choose whatever color you like and start sticking the labels (sandwich like in pairs) on the fishing wire. I found having about 1.5" distance between circles was nice. I added a few paper lanterns and it was a hit!

Now comes the fun part

Paper Source sells Kraft Letters that are fun for kids rooms or party tables, I love them. This time I wanted a backdrop for outdoor photos, so I decided to make a giant D and 2 to represent the men of the hour. We affectionately have called them Dsquared for years now and it was a nice shout out to their successful life and marriage together.

Tools needed: 
Large cardboard sheets or boxes
xacto knife
packing tape or glue gun

1. Draw your number or letter on your large piece of cardboard 
2. Cut your letter and use it as a template to draw the mirror image
3. Decide on your thickness for depth ( I chose 4 inches)
4. Now you will cut long strips of 4" wide cardboard. When you think you have enough, cut 5 more.
5. The strips will bridge your two letters together 
6. Bend your 1st strip to the shape of one letter and start using your adhesive to stick the two together. I tried to show how I did it below with some pics, I hope this helps!
7. As each strip runs out, just pick up another and continue. There will be some gaps and imperfections, but you can easily cover those up with paper and mod podge in the end.
8. After you have taped your strips completely around the perimeter of your letter, you can set the second letter on top and start to secure it in the same fashion.

I used paper, washi tape, circle labels, and glitter tape to cover mine. It wasn't at all close to perfect, but the happy couple loved and appreciated the gesture more than I could have imagined!

As a bonus, for the celebration, I asked the couple separately to list a few words to describe the other. I printed the words out on cardstock, then attached them to helium filled balloons and scattered them throughout the inside of the house! Fun, easy, and most importantly *guilt free style*.

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