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Saturday, October 6, 2012


You can fulfill your childs dreams  of a theme party without getting sucked into the merchandising vortex.  When my son returned from his buddies party a few weeks ago with a smile and a goody bag, I asked him if he had fun and he said "yeah-yaah". He left the party knowing that his friend loved the Regular Show, but not weighed down by all things "Mordecai and Rigby". I decided then, that just because my son is obsessed with all things Ninjago, doesn't mean I have to spend my entire check on things for his party. I took a page out of our friends book and simply nodded to the character of the moment... the GREEN NINJA.  
All things green, all things DIY, all things dollar store.

Dollar store gumball machines filled with Skittles.

 Rice Krispy Sushi with swedish fish and fruit roll-ups.
 My son doesn't do cake, so marshmallows and a little yellow and green food coloring...
 The healthy choices were just as popular as the indulgent ones.

All paper and scraps for banners and place settings courtesy of PAPER SOURCE.

DIY Photo Props

Green mani-pedis for the ladies. Revlon "Posh"

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