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Friday, October 8, 2010



Amongst a growing circle of talented women in my new life here in California is a lovely lady named Rachael.  This woman is a power house, I admire her not only for her never ending supply of fresh and innovative ideas but for her drive. She sees her ideas through until the end no matter how big or small, and so far the important ones usually are inspired by her beautiful kids. 
 I had been packing my sons lunches in an array of containers and ziploc bags, and every day he'd return having hardly eaten anything, and often with apple sauce lining the bottom of his backpack. Rachael suggested the bento box from Pottery Barn Kids would help make lunch appetizing and alleviate the guilt associated with all that plastic. An awesome idea, but sold out and on back-order. So with very little online research I found Laptop Lunches.  

made with recycled content

The system is an investment at $39.99 with carrying case or $24.99 without. It's worth it for the wasteless lunch aspect alone. 
 The Pottery Barn version comes in at $14, free shipping, grab one if you can. Spencer Bento Box Containers Not only is it more fun to put lunch together, he's eating it all up! The Laptop Lunches website is a fantastic resource for lunch meal ideas as well. Pin It