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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Whisky Rocks

Since I've settled in here in Los Angeles, I've tapped into an "original gift" jackpot store named "Paper Source".
Here you will get lost in a sea of catchy phrased sticky notes, cleverly packaged D.I.Y. kits, and a collection of glitter that would make Liberace blush. 

With the holidays quickly approaching, I've decided to share some of my personal favorites. Starting with the perfect gift for your (insert appropriate person who's hard to buy for, but loves whisky, here).

For $19.95 you can get this lovely box of  soap stones for chilling your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor. Milled in Perkinsville, VT by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US. 

Do it. Love it. Cheers.
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