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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Here's the deal, this dinner in a box is incredible. You literally add chicken and in 20 minutes you're transported to the best restaurant in town with a nice bottle of wine with (or without) your favorite dinner partner 'hmmmm'ing and 'ooooohhhh'ing over the amazing meal.There's a  restaurant out here called The Good Earth known for it's healthy entrĂ©es. Well, I'll be honest, I dined there once, for breakfast, upon arrival to Los Angeles and was underwhelmed. My son gave it a glowing review for the gigantic aquarium that housed a few good fish. 

But when I tried the DIY at home entrĂ©es,   I was hooked. This stuff delivers flavor unmatched by any other pre-packaged meals out there. I'm not proud that I've had enough off the others to compare, but this is the real deal. In the package you'll find 100% Whole Grain Angel Hair Pasta, Creamy Sauce with Olive Oil, Mediterranean Seasoning with Tomatoes, and seasoned Whole Wheat Flour. The best part is it truly is finished in 20 MINS!!!

I've also tried the Herb Crusted Chicken with Mushroom Risotto, either is a guaranteed deal maker in the romantic evening arena.   Go to the website and print a $1 coupon now.  Pin It