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Thursday, February 8, 2018


My coworker recently curated a freshly painted gallery wall in her living room, and her pieces were so thoughtfully chosen. Each representing a time in her or her families lives. Of course it made me immediately go home and evaluate the choices I made for our gallery wall😐. Note to self: STOP COMPARING, IT WILL KILL YOU.

Anyhoo, I'm back at home and studying each item on our wall, and I love it. It has changed, grown, and evolved beautifully. Honestly, the idea of a gallery wall can be intimidating, but if you let it happen organically, it can be an impactful statement in any home. 

Ours started with just four photos of our loving parents on a 19' high space. But instead of trying to fill the negative, we just nestled in to the minimalist vibe. Also, when we moved into this loft apartment, seeing the faces of our parents everyday was what we needed to feel comfort and hope. Then I began to paint again and a couple of canvasses went up, then Max knocked out some cool art in elementary school and those pieces went up. Richard wrote me the most beautiful poem and that went up. Friends who are artists started to gift artwork and those went up.

You get the idea. It's a recurring theme with my life and I'm passing on the advice to you again. Start where you are. You literally could start with a favorite item of clothing or your child's first set of crayons! I'm sharing some images of our wall with you for inspiration. 

Have fun and thanks for reading,


featured artists:
Boba fett: Reine 
Abstract Portrait of yours truly: Lynda 
Abstract ink art: Paper Ladder
Abstract Ruby: Max
California Feather Print: Yeah Right Press
Charger B&W Photo: Julian 
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Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hello beautiful people. I am sharing the best piece of advice I've gotten thus far on my journey as a creative. START WHERE YOU ARE. Nothing will ever be perfect. The universe provides as many resources as it does excuses. 

Here a few examples:

YOUR EXCUSE: I can't write today because I'm stuck and can't come up with a good topic. 
YOUR SOLUTION: Surprise! That's your topic. You can call your piece "I can't write today because I'm stuck". YOU'RE WELCOME

YOUR EXCUSE: I want to have a gallery show, but I don't have a gallery space.
YOUR SOLUTION: Invite your guests. Push all your furniture into your bedroom,  strip your walls of personal photos, move your dining table into the center of the room, buy a case of 2 buck Chuck (that's Charles Shaw wine), set up your table with wine and price lists for your work and open your front door.

YOUR EXCUSE: I'm broke and I can't buy the things that I need to take my ________ to the next level.
YOUR SOLUTION: Use what you have. Most of us live with way more things than we need. Use those things!! There are so many ways to upcycle, and as long as we have Pinterest and You Tube, we have no excuses. Seriously, people are doing make up tutorials using the foam from their bra inserts.

There it is, your pep talk to push you out of your comfort zone. Now please enjoy these photos of me posing in my 2011 Old Navy swimsuit in front of a strangers boat, and on a strangers bike with some fake flowers I found in a strangers garage.

Also, you're all invited to my next gallery show, just stay out the bedroom when you get here.

thanks for reading,

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