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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was sipping my Americano at Lettieri Espresso Bar when in my peripheral I spotted something fabulous. 

Meet  Cheree VanDyk.

  I had to introduce myself and get her story.  She's a member of the famous Gilda's Club in Toronto (Cancer Recovery Center at 110 Lombard St).
When she's not taking in Fashion shows where she rubs shoulders with the likes of Jeannie Becker, and the gift bags include stylista favorites like D&G;  she's taking dance, art, and cooking lessons.

 As she answered my questions with enthusiasm I took her in from head to toe.
 Houndstooth newsboy- check
Smoky Eyes- check 
Vintage Mink- check
Leopard Mini- check
Black leggings and uggs- check
 Teacup pup named Phoebe (the love of her life)- check

Cheree is an inspiration to us all, as she is a woman of a particular age, she "feels like 24".  When a stranger of the same age group made reference to one of her mini-skirt ensembles by sarcastically saying "YOU look ready for Spring..." she simply replied

"I'm ready for

 ANYTHING daaahhhhling".

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