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Friday, January 15, 2010


This leggy blonde beauty who shall remain nameless is a woman after my own heart.  When I saw her struggling with her very full, hot pink, shopping bags, I knew the right thing to do was offer to help her to her front door.  However, I was too busy thinking "She is really pulling off those black socks with those platform pumps..."  So I did the next thing that came to mind and asked if she minded if I took her picture.  She was clearly ready to keep walking, but thought better of it and obliged. From head to toe she gave me the details of her outfit like It was, perhaps, the 5th time she had done it today...LOVE IT.

alice&olivia inside out raglan tee $98

urban outfitters burnout tee $16
Joe's Jeans zip denim legging $117        Forever21 crackle wash leggings $18
L.A.M.B.  darrel shoes $325                    Aldo Augustave shoes $45 faux fur vila coat $69
Forever 21 braided strap tote $26

Gucci No 2 Galaxy bag
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