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Monday, April 26, 2010


If i were a rich girl ...all day long I'd bathe in NARS cosmetics.
Not since I belong to the Cult of 'Aveda' have I been so into a product line. I have now been to have a complimentary make up application 3 times at the NARS counter in the Bay, and everytime I've walked away feeling like a million bucks.  They don't pressure you to purchase anything, because by the end of the experience you're signing away your first born in exchange for the mud mask.
The products speak for themselves, but the make up artists are amazing. This time I was moved by Ayesha.  She didn't say a lot, but was well informed when I asked her questions.  She was focused, and genuinely was excited whenever she achieved the look she wanted.
Ayesha is not only employed at the Bay, but is a young fabulous freelance make-up artsist on her way to big big things. 
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She used Indian Summer on my eyes $32  
Beautiful Liar on my lips $24
Taos on my cheeks $36And Casino Bronzer $32Bronzing Powder
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