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Friday, May 14, 2010


Meet Cheryl.
 This amazing full-time stay at home mother of two is always energetic and smiling.  She manages to get her kids fed, ready, and looking adorable for the daily stroller walk up to school. She greets all the other parents and kids with a smile and charming conversation, all the while carrying off her "city comfort chic" sense of style. 
A true believer in shopping "guilt free", Cheryl has found many amazing vintage cocktail dresses online and perusing local markets.
I ADORE women like Cheryl.
 When she showed up to one of the kids birthday costume parties in a gorgeous pink chiffon number, I immediately smiled and wished I had done the same!  It was a reminder that even when I'm tired, busy, and have a "to do" list as long as the Great Wall of China...
I can always throw on a gown and feel beautiful.

1950's Brown & Blue Stripe Dress
I love Posh Vintage
1950s-brown-blue-stripe-dress $299
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