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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Every girl should experiment with color.
Only Rihanna should do it all at once.
 Stripes, Polka Dots, oversized link chain, and bright red hair. I love it all, as do a lot of us who like to take chances with fashion.
 But if you'd like to really stand out (in a good way) try one thing at a time.
 The next time you go see your stylist, ask to try a few "foils" in the crown or in your bang area. This is how I used to introduce my clients to a vibrant change in color. You will know after a couple of hours if you want to go back or move forward!

Clothes are less of a committment, here are some "guilt free" alternatives...  

Polka dot Platform Peep-toe $50.95

Twisted Chain Collar Necklace - Silver
Pinstripe Cotton Forever 21 dress $22.90, Silver Chain Lori's Shoes $38 Pin It