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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, after living the fabulous "guilt-free" life for a couple of years now, I think I deserve some of that good old fashion indulgence. You know the kind where you just close your eyes and say YES.
Dust off your emergency credit card and follow me to the lovliest stretch of shops in Sherman Oaks on Ventura between Hazeltine and Woodman .

We're starting at Inventori for inspiration. Walking into this store, you're instantly transported to a quaint little shop that feels like your someplace special. There's something for everyone here, so if you're a mother (like me) you can buy a few decadent things for yourself, and then promptly pat yourself on the back for thoughtfully picking out an adorable gift for your child.  There's lavish bath and body products, cute books and toys, and the selection of soy based candles are begging to be picked up and smelled
-each and every one. 
 And that's only on one side of the store. On the other side, you'll find that perfect home accent that you'd been looking for, and furniture that would add an ecclectic compliment to any decor.  

Now we're hungry and we're going to check out Sweet Butter next door. We're going to sit out in the sun and lounge over a couple of vegetarian "yoga girl" sandwiches before we continue on. 

Next stop Belle Gray.
Get ready to do some damage in here, because this store is designed for the woman who adores the full process of shopping. There's nothing like a chandelier to bring things to another level. Ok, we've got the "IT" dress from Black Halo and a little gem from House of Harlow,   now it's time to relax.

Keep up with me, we're getting our faces airbrushed to perfection next door at Eleanor Jean. Oh, and of course, we'll each have "The Debutante" mani pedi. 

Happy? Check.  
Beautiful? Check.
...ummmm, let's find somewhere fab and discuss it over cocktails.
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