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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Last weekend I was fortunate enough to celebrate my brother's birthday in sunny Marbella, Spain! Instead of trying to find a local 'dollar store' in one of Europe's most desirable vacation destinations, I 
decided to assemble and carry a few 'guilt free' party decorations with me. It worked out great because everything was made of paper and lightweight.

These photo props were a huge hit and all it took was a great photo blown up to 8.5x11, printed on Pure White Text Weight paper, and stuck with double sided super tacky tape onto popsicle sticks.

These fun glittery letters were made by covering kraft letters with PVA glue (elmer's) and dusting
gold glitter over them. I did it in about 3" sections and over a no spill tray (necessary). To avoid the threat of widespread 'glitter lung' overseas, I sealed them afterward by lightly spraying with a
spray adhesive. They travelled well and added the right touch to our party table.

I used gold sharpies and black wrapping paper to make a poster. The cardboard roll that the gift wrap was on, made a great travel container. I was inspired from a pin I saw with washi tape on plastic cups to add to the theme.

The "and we're live" idea stemmed from one of the many SNL quotes that a few of us have beaten into the ground in the past decade. Any quote or nickname or words can come to life with some glitter paper and a silhouette machine. The silhouette is a cutting tool that is great for visual artists, click on the link for more info. I cut the letters from black cover weight paper, backed the negative space with gold glitter paper, hole punched the paper   and connected them with 1/4" double faced satin ribbon.

The washi tape came in handy to hang everything as well. 
I threw some gold balloons into my bag and was happy that I did.
 Balloons = good times. 

Balloon garlands are easy to assemble, just blow them up and use twine, fishing wire, or ribbon to connect them all in a row. If you leave about 5 or 6 inches between each balloon they'll hang nicely.

Another fun party favor that bonded us together for the weekend were these cleverly designed T-shirts by my nephew Marshall.

and these cute DIY temporary tattoos deserve honorable mention.

SO EASY- just pick an image and print onto tattoo paper, the directions are super easy to follow.

Everything I made was *guilt free* and under $10, except the use of the silhouette machine (#lovemyjobcuzIcanusestuff). If you need justification on investing $300 on a cutting tool...I'm your girl.


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