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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So you've got the opportunity to get away for a weekend.


 Be it Munich, New York, Toronto, or Vancouver. I've put together a basic group of things that will help alleviate the stress of what to wear and help you concentrate on having a great time.

First let me say, enjoy those cocktails (cheers), but have a glass of water to every drink and you'll be less likely to end up somewhere you don't want to be. 

Next, bring your music for the plane. Even though you're about to twirl the weekend away, other people are travelling with babies.  They're adorable, but not always as seasoned in the travel department as the rest of us. Don't complain, just drown it out and smile!

And please, invest in a great eye creme, it will make all the difference while you're on your trip and also when you've got to return to the real world.

When in doubt, go black.
  It's classic and timeless and no matter what the trend or price point, you look like a million bucks. 
Silence and Noise dress $42forever 21 black leggings $13scarf/ cardigan $18chunky cardigan $25Old Navy trenchcoat $50short faux leather boot $40Aldo black Diga ankle boot $60
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