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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


On the way home from a fabulous night of dancing, away from the crowd of shiny happy people, I noticed my friends attire. She had on a simple white tee, fitted jeans, and ankle cowboy boots.  Definitely a 'look' not for everyone, but when she threw on her jacket to exit into the cold, she transformed into a 'look of the week'.  I was desperately scrambling for my camera, but it was too late, she dissapeared into the night and the moment was lost.

Of course, after returning home, I searched for a similar jacket on line and found one at Forever 21.  I think this jacket has the power to transform boring into brilliant.  Topping of a denim and t-shirt outfit now, or a flirty floral dress come Summer, I think it's worth the entire $29.80 it's priced at.

All items featured in this post are Forever 21.  Satin basic knit top-$17.80, Blurred Floral dress- $27.80, lightly distressed denim- $35.80, Jean Basket heel- $35.80  
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