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Sunday, February 7, 2010


When I was a little girl, I remember flipping through my mother's Essence and Ebony magazines looking at all the gorgeous models and feeling a connection to them.  I began tearing the pages out and bringing them to school to show my friends. 

"This one's my Aunt,she lives in New York... oh and this one's my cousin from'll never meet them though, they're too busy modelling to come visit..."

I would go on and on, not lying, just STORYTELLING.  The point is, I looked up to these women then, and still do now.

 Join me in celebrating the life of Naomi Sims.
She was considered the "first black supermodel" for appearing on the cover of Ladies Home Journal in November 1968, a time when African-American models were few and far between. It was a major moment of the "Black is Beautiful" movement.

After five years, Sims retired from modeling and started a multimillion-dollar wig-making business that specialized in designs for black women, and showed us how to be style icons in our everyday lives.

She died of breast cancer on August 3, 2009, aged 61.

FYI My at home recreation of the cover was created with a $2.99 bag of synthetic hair from the local convenience store! Pull your hair back in a tight pony-tail and use your imagination. Have fun.
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