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Monday, February 15, 2010


Check out a 1968 authentic recessionista. Maisie Jean Green is her name and looking at these campy pictures of her perched atop a bulldozer and along side a tractor, you would never guess this fashionable young lady had a care in the world.

Well, she did.  She was alone in a new country facing the responsibility of making a new home for her family to come join her.

You can bet wardrobe was not at the top of her "to do" list.  So what did this leggy brunette decide to do to stretch her dollar back in the day?  She bought things in BULK, including rice and flour.  Anyone who's been on a tight budget knows you can make a variety of dishes with these two ingredients, but not everyone would think of using the bags they came in as garment fabric.

That's right, like so many of our African-American women that paved the way, Maisie Jean Green had to think outside the box. 

 This dress is an example of true creativity and style. 
Integral elements of the woman she has become today.
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