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Monday, October 24, 2011


As a recessionista, I have hovered outside the world of apple either convincing myself that windows is just as cool, sleek and amazing OR dreaming about the day that my families' home will be tricked out with all things Apple. Fortunately, this year, we inherited a MacBook from a friend, an AppleTV from my nephew and used points to get an Ipod. 
For those of you that break the bank on all your Apple accessories, and have limited funds left over for maintenance, I'd like to share L.A.s best kept "guilt free style" secret. 
Certified Apple Technician David has 7 years experience behind him and is 
 inspired to help customers on a whole other level.
 He realized that users needed more time and attention than a 15 minute appointment could ever offer. His service goes beyond the Genius Bar to where you need it the most, in your home or office. 

Now, close your eyes and "Mac a Wish".
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